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Newborn Baby Swaddles: Things to keep in mind

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 Here are some reasons why so many moms and dads choose muslin swaddles to wrap their wee ones:

Before buying newborn baby Swaddles you will of course do your own research however I can share with you some valuable tips from my personal experience.

Choose a fabric that is 100 per cent organic like Cotton Muslin swaddles, over a blended fabric that contains polyester. Muslin has the property of being breathable and natural keeping your munchkin comfortable at naptimes in the day or during their sleeptime at night. Unlike other materials which can trap a baby's body heat and prohibit movement, muslin is an incredibly soft and light fabric that swaddles baby.

Muslin swaddles mimic the womb and help babies sleep well through the night giving new parents the much required night’s rest.

Newborn baby swaddles are a type of fabric that is weaved to be very breathable and is an excellent option for baby swaddles and blankets because it is less irritating against their sensitive skin

How to Use a Newborn Baby Swaddle:

  • While using newborn swaddles make sure to give your baby enough leg space and ensure that she can move her legs inside the swaddle. Bad swaddling may lead to a medical condition called hip dysplasia if she doesn’t have enough room for her feet.
  • Never tighten swaddle for babies. A tighter swaddle does not increase the baby’s comfort. It makes them uncomfortable which will make them cry more. Newborn swaddles should only make the baby feel warm, not suffocated.
  • Once swaddling is done, check for air circulation and monitor her temperature.

Other Tips to Consider:

Swaddling is beneficial for both your baby and you, but not free of risks. Oh, but this does not mean that I am discouraging you from swaddling your little fella. We just want you to be more careful.

While swaddling your baby properly, make sure that the folds are not too close to her neck, there are chances while she moves, it can obstruct her windpipe. Therefore, make sure that you leave enough room near the neck region.

Many little ones lose their ability to know when to wake up if they are swaddled for too long. While a mom wants her baby to get a good sleep, they should be swaddled for a limited time only. Our little angel needs around 12-16 hours of sleep every day. And we need at least seven! A perfect swaddling blanket can ensure enough sleep for both of you. So, make sure that you get the ropes right!

So, after this whole journey regarding swaddling, have you thought of using one? If yes, try trusting Sadora Baby swaddles and blankets we can ensure you will not regret your decision. You will get the value of money without compromising your baby’s comfort.

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