Empower your kids about Body Safety, good touch-bad touch

Talk to your toddler about Body Safety

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Several research records show that child abuse is prevalent and that one child is sexually abused every few minutes. The most shocking part is that, in 93 per cent of these cases, it is either a family member or someone known to the child. This means, the child's safety needs to be the top priority for all parents. But how do you go about it?

Obviously, it will be a sensitive topic for both parents and children and you need to tread carefully with your little one. Body Safety is something that most kids hear about at school, and which their parents must know about — but how do you actually explain it to your little one? While some parents will try to use the never-never method and cover the topic in a vague blanket way, this can be very limiting.

Communication is Key

Just like any parent, I don't want to be embarrassed and worried about my child. If you are like me and have questions about sex, sexual health, and body safety, it is never too early! And this is why so many parents and guardians are confidently talking to their toddlers about sex and sexuality. Communicating truthfully, compassionately and openly with your young ones will help them grow into healthy adults.

As a parent, I know it may seem awkward to have these conversations with your children. But they must be talked about eventually. Educating them on their bodies can prevent many issues from occurring throughout life and also keep them feeling positive about themselves.

You may never have thought of it this way, but talking to your child about sex, sexual health and body safety is a huge responsibility. It requires preparation on your part and you need to get the most out of it to make the conversation an enriching one.

It’s never too early to talk to your child about their bodies, safety, and sex. Regardless of your child’s age, start a conversation with them about these topics. As uncomfortable as it may be for you, it is important that you do.

Aside from body safety, there are many other lessons you can talk about to your teenager or even tween. Proper communication is one of the foundations to maintaining a healthy sex life as well as a strong relationship with your partner. You can avoid a massive problem if you start early and talk to them openly and honestly.

Body safety is extremely important with little children, so take the time to talk about what’s okay and what’s not okay, when it comes to private parts and sex. Knowledge is power! The bottom line is that talking to your kids early and often on sex and sexuality can prevent them from making dangerous mistakes as they grow into teenagers and beyond.

Body safety talks should include boundaries, such as what your child is allowed to touch themselves and others, who they are allowed to touch and where they are allowed to be touched. As well as sharing information on how to best protect themselves and how to seek help if they feel uncomfortable or at risk.

This attitude or position is a tremendous opportunity for parents, guardians, and other adults to step up for their shorter peers. To not address the issue immediately, but to begin the conversation early in a non-threatening way. And to not only talk about private parts and sexual acts as improper, but to also talk about private parts as something you take care of, protect and respect. It might be uncomfortable at first. But never talking about it leaves kids vulnerable while they experiment and explore one of the most powerful forces in our universe — Sex.

Every family is different. Age of onset, mutual understanding, and openness to talking about sexual topics will vary. However, there are still some basic guidelines one can follow to ensure that children are protected and families are prepared.

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