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Tips for Peaceful Parenting in these Difficult Times!

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It is not an understatement to say that the past couple of years have been stressful for everyone living through a pandemic. Parenting to top it may add an extra layer of worry to that. I’ve put together some helpful mantras for young parents who feel frazzled, and parents to be, to tide over these difficult times. Peaceful parenting is NOT permissive parenting.  These parenting topics apply to even the best parents in the world!

1. You are definitely doing your best, and are the Best Parents in the world

Do not be harsh on yourself and do not let others be harsh on you.  Never forget to give yourself the credit you deserve! Of course, you make mistakes, but so does every other great parent out there. Instead of dwelling on those mistakes, try finding gratitude in the moments you’re proud of and feel confident you’ll do better next time.

2. You are not alone.

Although it may feel like it sometimes, you are never alone! Stay connected with your family members, friends – talk about your feelings with them.  Reach out to your favourite online spaces when you’re feeling tired and despaired.  Feeling alone is something every parent experiences from time to time, and when you’ve shared your experiences you will build a foundation for connection.

3. It will be OK.. this too shall pass.

Nothing, good or bad, lasts forever.  Your loved ones are there to listen.  Parenting advice to help enhance qualities of parents is as old as time. Whether you’re expecting, parenting little ones, or parenting a full house, challenges will arise! Sometimes a little reminder that the sun will shine again is all you need to part the clouds of a trying situation.  Take joy in doing little things with your kids. At times you may also teach them how to be a good child.  But for that it's important to know your child, parents must understand their child. 

4. Calm is contagious.

Before you react, remember, calm is contagious. Stay calm so that you don’t feed your child’s anger.  The mother taking care of her child sometimes finds it challenging to respond to their tantrums without anger and frustration, but remember the situation is almost guaranteed to escalate. It’s important to stop, get some space for yourself and breathe before you react in order to connect with your inner calm and to better understand your child’s emotions.  Always acknowledge their feelings but set a limit.

5. Build bridges, not walls

There have enough inspiring quotes that remind us to connect with our children and to let them in.  When we communicate with our kids in the way that is comfortable for them, they understand us better and feel understood.  Expressing our own emotions to our children in a calm manner not only teaches them healthy communication, but creates a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. Set aside time for talking and listening to each other, turn off phones, computers and televisions when you and your child are communicating.

If we as a parent replace, “because I said so,” with an open dialogue, we will reap the benefits of open communication for years to come.

5 ways to help your parents at home 

1. A valuable tip for boys to help their parents at home is to proactively observe and anticipate tasks that need attention.

2. Help with grocery errands 


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