Chest of 7 Drawers - Ash Grey
Chest of 7 Drawers - Ash Grey
Chest of 7 Drawers - Ash Grey
Chest of 7 Drawers - Ash Grey
Chest of 7 Drawers - Ash Grey
Chest of 7 Drawers - Ash Grey
Chest of 7 Drawers - Ash Grey
Chest of 7 Drawers - Ash Grey

Chest of 7 Drawers - Ash Grey

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More storage never hurts specially with each passing year of your growing children. Equipped with four large and three small drawers, this substantial Chest of Seven Drawers will meet your child’s needs through their teen years.  Expertly crafted of solid mango wood with matching knobs our dresser is finished by hand in a weathered varnish or paint that is child-safe and water-based. The dresser has an exquisite moulding pattern that distinguishes it and offers a timeless feel in your home. When in use in the nursery, the top can double up to hold the changing table.  The back of the unit and base of the drawers is made from MDF. Durable and built to last, our dressers are available in three finishes - white duco paint with a varnished wooden top,  ash grey varnish and oat varnish. 

Mango Wood with MDF

Store, store, store away!
Easy organising for every day.

There’s more–look at the top!
Doubles up as Baby’s changing counter stop.

Label or colour-code the drawers and eventually teach Baby how to come and fetch items on their own with the help of these labels.

Be wary of liquids:
If a large amount of liquid is spilled on the surface it is best to wipe it with a dry cloth immediately. Avoid exposing the mango wood furniture to alcohol, deodorants, perfumes, nail paints as any exposure may harm the finish of the wood. Don't place hot objects directly on the cot. Always use mats and coasters.

Keep out of direct sunlight:
If the room is exposed to sunlight, ensure that your cot is in a shaded area. Over many years of being exposed to sunlight, your piece could be at risk of fading.

Wipe the surface of the mango wood using a dry cloth rather than damp to avoid discolouration. To clean effectively, use the dry cloth without any polish or solution to prevent the risk of removing the natural wax. However, using a tiny bit of beeswax would be ideal to clean the surface properly, as well as add to the wood’s protective coating.

- Better organisation
Keeps the things you and Baby require organised with this console where you can easily and quickly find them when needed. For example, things like diaper, napkins, pacifiers, tissues, bedsheets or Baby’s favourite toys will always be at an arm’s length when you need them in this console.

- Saves space
More storage space becomes a big need once Baby comes home. This console provides a large storing space to keep most of Baby’s belongings. From toys, daily needs to covers and sheets, this console becomes a one-step solution to smart storage.

- Doubles as a changing table
The top surface of this console can be used as a changing table for Baby. It also becomes a space for lamps, books and so on.