Wooden Cot - White Duco
Wooden Cot - White Duco
Wooden Cot - White Duco
Wooden Cot - White Duco
Wooden Cot - White Duco
Wooden Cot - White Duco
Wooden Cot - White Duco
Wooden Cot - White Duco

Wooden Cot - White Duco

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Keep the cot where it’s airy and bright, where Baby can sleep peacefully at night.  This exquisitely handcrafted cot with a unique moulding pattern is built from solid mango wood with a mattress base of MDF.  All four sides have open slats that enable you to keep an eye on your precious little one while they are napping or playing.  The mattress base is low enough so that your growing baby is in no danger to climb up and hurt themselves. Finished in child-safe, water-based white duco paint or weathered varnishes that are modern yet contemporary this wooden cot provides durability, depth of colour and richness to your baby's room. Mattress to fit the cot is sold separately. 

Main structure - Mango wood
Mattress base - MDF

Keep the cot where it’s airy and bright,
Where Baby can sleep peacefully at night.

Keep the sheet clean, wash them often.
This keeps Baby healthy, they won’t fall sick often.

Place Baby’s favourite soft toys near the pillow.
So they can reach them easily, without looking high and low.

Make the bed more safe and comfy for Baby by opting for our muslin cot bumpers and cot sheets.

Be wary of liquids:
If a large amount of liquid is spilled on the surface it is best to wipe it with a dry cloth immediately. Avoid exposing the mango wood furniture to alcohol, deodorants, perfumes, nail paints as any exposure may harm the finish of the wood. Don't place hot objects directly on the cot. Always use mats and coasters.

Keep out of direct sunlight:
If the room is exposed to sunlight, ensure that your cot is in a shaded area. Over many years of being exposed to sunlight, your piece could be at risk of fading.

Wipe the surface of the mango wood using a dry cloth rather than damp to avoid discolouration. To clean effectively, use the dry cloth without any polish or solution to prevent the risk of removing the natural wax. However, using a tiny bit of beeswax would be ideal to clean the surface properly, as well as add to the wood’s protective coating.

- Encourages Independence
A cot of their own ensures that Baby wakes up less, since proximity to parents can distract them and build a habit of waking up frequently to feed or play. A cot allows them to get comfortable with sleeping on their own from an early age.

- More Safety
Leaving Baby alone on a bed can be tricky. The safety railings on the cot protect Baby from falling off during their sleep, or while they’re playing.