Flashcards are a productive way to learn new information and actively test yourself

Why Every Kid Needs to Play With Flash Cards

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Did you know that playing with Flash Cards is an absolute gang-buster, super-charged, EPIC thing to do?⁠ 

Flash Cards for Baby's Learning

Baby Flashcards 0-6 months are hands-down an effective way for introducing images to babies.  You can start using flash cards with babies as old as 3 months. 

What is Flashcard?

Flash card game for babies or toddlers is a picture card, usually the size of a post card - it has a question on one side and an answer in the form of a picture on the other side. 

Flash Cards for Baby Learning

Flashcards improve language skills , increasing the ability to compose stories, memorizing, analysing a problem, and enriching vocabulary. Apart from the cognitive side, the benefits of a flashcard can also increase self-confidence, develop good and effective communication and enhance creativity.

Flash Cards Game for Toddlers

Simply pick up the deck of flashcards and shuffle. Choose the top card, and then ask your child to find an item with the same colour, that starts or ends with the same letter, or the number of items on the flashcard. This can even be a way to make clean-up time both fun and educational!

Benefits of Flashcards for your Toddlers:

Promotes early childhood learning among toddlers. Links creation in the brain and stimulates the identification of objects. Improves awareness of the world around them. Engages “active recall” and strengthens memorization.

What age can you use flash cards?

Parents can start using flashcards to stimulate children's right brain as well as impart knowledge as young as 0-6 months old. This is to maximise the limited formative period from birth till 6 years old for right brain development.

Why are flashcards good for babies?

Flash cards promote memorisation, communication, language and literacy skills, which are core skills a child needs in his future academic endeavours. 

The benefits of Flashcards

Flashcards are a simple yet productive way for a child to learn new information. Studying with flashcards engages active recall. Active recall stimulates the child's brain by repeatedly asking it questions and retrieving answers.

1. Flashcards engage active recall

When you look at the front "question" side of a flashcard and think of the answer, you are engaging a mental faculty known as active recall. In other words, you are attempting to remember the concept from scratch.

Active recall has been shown to create stronger neuron connections for that memory trace. And because flashcards can so easily facilitate repetition, they are the best way to create multiple memory-enhancing recall events.

2. Flashcards engage metacognition

When you reveal the answer side of a flashcard to assess your correctness, you are essentially asking yourself “How did my answer compare to this correct answer?” and “How well did I know (or not know) it?” This act of self-reflection is known as metacognition.

It allows students to focus on their weaknesses, plan their studies better, and more accurately judge how well they know the material.

3. Flashcards allow for confidence-based repetition

Because flashcards exist loosely, rather than tied to a book or document, you are able to separate them into piles based on whether (or how often) you need to study them again. Then, you can study the concepts you aren't confident in more often, returning to those you are confident in occasionally for revision.

So... are flashcards effective?

The verdict is a most resounding YES ... flashcards are very effective. They compel us to dig in our memory for the right answer, they prompt us to really think about how well we know something, and they encourage us to confront, again and again, the concepts we aren't confident in.

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