Cot bumpers are padded pieces covered with cloth placed right about the mattress

Choosing The Best Baby Cot Bumper

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Hello Parents,

You want everything perfect for your bundle of joy. You will go to any limits to make your house baby-proof. You take care of every small possible hazard that could affect your baby’s well-being. Today, I am going to tell you about the Benefits of using a Baby cot bumper in your baby's room.

Why you Must Buy Baby Cot Bumpers

While decorating your baby’s room, the first thing that comes to your mind is your baby’s crib or baby cot. You critically examine everything you buy for your baby,  from bedding to pillow, to bolster, blanket and a waterproof mattress protector. Your baby will be sleeping most of the time during the first few months so investing in a cot bumper set will make your life easy. You won't have to worry about your baby’s fall if you make them sleep in a cot. The cot will also make your baby ready for solo sleeping.



Your baby’s crib is an infant bed and can be used till the time your child outgrows it. You would be tempted to buy a cot bumper to prevent injuries to your baby. A crib bumper or cot bumper is a padded piece covered with cloth placed right around the mattress. The bumper is tied around the crib's slats to avoid slipping of baby’s limbs or banging head against the sides.

Safety considerations for cot bumpers

Babies are fragile and sensitive; a small knock in their head or a small bend of their arm or leg can cause incurable injuries. Keep your baby secure and safe by using a Baby Cot bumper in your baby’s cot. A cot bumper provides soft cushioning walls all around the inner sides of the baby cot. Cot bumper sets provide a cushion for your baby, so that he will not bang his head against the cot bars. So, cot bumpers are essential for the safety of your child.

Choosing the best cot bumper sets for your baby

Moms are afraid of using bad quality baby cot bumpers, as they cause hazardous accidents while your baby is sleeping or playing. Similarly, the use of cheap quality cot bumpers might cause skin infection or allergy. Be careful in purchasing the right quality of cot bumpers to ensure the best health benefits for your baby.

Baby Cot bumpers Online from Sadora Baby with their creative designs, baby-soft organic fabrics and pastel prints are winning the hearts of most Indian families. Different themes and prints like Florals in blush pink, Safari themes in a rich Mustard colour, Ocean in mint and Sky in blue colour.  Baby Cot bumpers are ready to serve your baby in every season. All the designs are finalised by considering the choice and taste of mothers and babies.  Sadora Baby helps you in choosing the best cot bumper, with fabric strings that are fastened to the corners of your baby’s cot.

Sound Sleep with Cot Bumpers

This goes for both the parents and baby.  Babies need a sound sleep for their mental and physical nourishment. Babies (and parents) who sleep the entire night without any disturbance remain healthy and fresh throughout the day.  

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